Friday, October 2, 2009

Something incredible and liberating is happening in the earth today! The Church is awakening to the truth that has been felt for so long in the spirit of its members - all of the work of God to be done in the earth is not limited to work done "in the church!" When we all received salvation and became excited about being used by God, we were subtly convinced that this meant that we were called to some form of "ministry." The truth is that most Christians are not called to full-time church staff positions, and local churches who are still wrestling with the elementary doctrine of tithing could not support them, even if they were.

In an effort to mine the great resources, talents and abilities which lay in local churches to benefit the progression of its various visions, the idea of "lay ministry" was developed, which allowed people (laity) to be involved in church ministry with the time they could spare from their secular and family responsibilities. This concept has come with a great cost!

    • Families have been shattered due to the imbalance

    • Christians are frustrated with maintaining this balancing act

    • The Church has become less evangelistic (more introverted)

    • It has depleted the energy, drive, and zeal of many sincere Christians

The answer lies in identifying and understanding the roles and responsibilities of "Kings" and "Priests" in the Body of Christ. Even though we each function as Kings and Priests in our own personal lives from day to day; we each are called to be a King OR a Priest in our church life! God has equipped you and I in a fashion that we will each find our primary calling to be a King (called to the marketplace, workplace) or as a Priest (called to the Church).

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  1. Amen brother, amen. Especially that part about the balancing act and the church being introverted. Once you get out of your little circle and little box and see how God uses people in other places you begin to realize that there is a better way.
    Also the kings and priests. Many people have many talents and gifts that are being used in church but not fully profiting their families or the body of Christ since it is not being used outside of the church to its fullest extent.