Friday, March 20, 2009

The Hidden Season

“In the Shadow of His Hand Hath He Hid Me”

The servant of the Lord may actually live in obscurity during their time of preparation. Especially if they are in training to be a future leader themselves, the servant of the Lord is often hidden from the eyes of the world, and sometimes even from the eyes of the Church. Many of the armorbearers in the Bible experienced a “hidden” period. Elisha, the great miracle worker, was hidden under the tutelage of Elijah for more than twenty years. The armorbearers whom God is raising up must learn to humbly abide under the shadow of the Almighty, in that secret place of preparation, without a spirit of impatience and distrust. Jesus, the pattern we are to follow, was hidden under the shadow of the Almighty for thirty years before His unveiling at the River Jordan. He was not released into His mighty ministry to the nation, or ultimately to the world, until after His thirty “hidden” years. David and many other armorbearers also experienced this period of overshadowing.

This principle still applies to the preparation of an armorbearer today. Many armorbearers are going through this overshadowing period right now. While some are chafing under it, others are taking advantage of it. What the Lord works into an armorbearer during this period will be revealed at the time of the armorbearer’s release as a leader. Every servant of God should take full advantage of their preparation time. It is an important period for the armorbearer’s future.

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