Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Developmental Stages of an Armorbearer

And let them also be tried and investigated and
proved first; then, if they turn out to be above
reproach, let them serve....
1 Timothy 3:10 AMP

The word proved means “to be tried and investigated.” In reference to armor bearer training, the growth and maturity of every armorbearer is decided in their seasons of preparation. First of all, an armorbearer’s season of preparation will always involve the acceptance of Jesus as Savior and Lord. This is where their ministry is planted as a seed. The next step is the armorbearer’s call, which births their ministry as a sprout. The next stage is the armorbearer’s actual preparation, involving the testing of the ministry as a plant. The final stage is the armorbearer’s function. It is then that their ministry is fully matured as a fruit-bearing tree.

Many armorbearers have had problems developing past the point of identifying their specific calling in the Lord. Some have identified their calling, but then have failed to prepare for their ministries. Still others receive their calling and proceed into the preparation period, but fail somewhere in the process. Too many never fulfill their function as a servant, a true armorbearer, at all.

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