Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Call

“The Lord Hath Called Me from the Womb”

God’s call on the life of Isaiah was evident even from his mother’s womb. Before the prophet Isaiah’s birth, the purpose of God for his life was determined. This specific call was also fulfilled in the life of Jesus Christ and in the lives of God’s servants today. God has a purpose for each of His servants, established even before their birth. The problem is that many armorbearers are too lazy to find out what God has called them to do. They waste years trying to accomplish things that God never intended for them to do. Before an armorbearer can effectively serve, it is imperative that they know without a doubt that they have been called of God to serve. They are to know who they are to serve, and they are to know how they are to serve. That is the beginning point. It is the starting line.

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